5 Best Places to Visit in New York City

The most populated and targets the USA cities is New York commonly called that city which never goes to sleep as it is always buzzing with things to be done. The city’s metropolis is the nexus of entertainment, history, architecture, art and culture. With as much to do and see in the city, New York is one amazing place to be. Below are the top five places you should not miss to pay a visit when visiting London.

11 September memorial

This is a national memorial center which was created and designed purposely to commemorate people who got killed through terrorist attacks in 2001, 11 September. Those people’s names are written on two panels made of bronze which flank those memorial pools. Those pools each are about one acre and they are marks of the Twin Towers’ footprints which were once on that site.

High line

This is a public park which is built on freight historic line elevated above the west side of Manhattan. High Line is a city of bustling streets and markets, glittering nightclubs, ancient temples, magnificent palaces and high raised buildings. The streets are ever parked with hawkers hawking tantalizing foods and souvenirs.

Although just like any other city High Line is packed with air pollution and noisy traffic, it has the natural beauty visible in the flowering plants, green spaces and remaining canals. The high line friends operate and maintain the park that fought for transformation and preservation into green space from the rail line. Each month comes with new, diverse and fun activities to be enjoyed. Such include art tours, tree tours and star grazing alongside other seasonal certain events.

Central Grand terminal

This center is still known as the loveliest station in the world and it makes among the best tourists attractions to visit in New York. The main concourse made curvedly homes the impressive clock which comes from opal pearly glass. As you visit the place, you also get the chance of getting elaboration of astronomical decorations in the ceiling conceived originally in 1912.

Rockefeller Center

This is a tour made of 19 complex buildings which were built by Rockefeller family and it offers the kind of behind the scenes view of some great treasures of New York. The buildings are housing major corporations for many years and such include General Electric as well as NBC studios home. The building is 70 stories tall and that height allows viewers to get a maximum view of the city from the top of that building. Through the NBC studios tour, visitors get a chance to go through NBC shows.

Fifth Avenue

This center is ranked among the most expensive streets you can shop in worldwide and hence that fact makes it visitors’ prime destination with some luxury taste. The fifth section which subdivides Manhattan midtown between 60th and 49th streets is packed with high-end shops such as prestigious stores and designer showrooms. The city is large and known for its cultural importance as it houses both modern and historical architectures as well as where traditions are found. As you walk around that city, you get a restoration of the walls built historically. you’ll also find the best restaurant with Louisiana style jambalaya recipe that will change your world.